Thoughts On New Icon

I recently made a new icon for my new game Fall Bros The Killer, Tell me what you think

The game is playable here (still in beta many bugs): Falling Bros The Killer! - Roblox


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You should fix the lighting, and try making the person look more appealing and not so…harsh? It looks like you just put super smooth parts and made this, showing that it’s low quality. Personally I would never play Games with emojis on their icon cause it looks goofy and assures me that it’s low quality (99.99% of the time I’m correct about that).

About the Lighting I mentioned before, you should make the Person not be 100% clear, add some sort of fog, to give some sort of Horror effect.

Well, have a good day buddy! :happy3:

not a fan of the emojies, but the rest looks good!

still, i feel it needs… something, not sure what…

there, is it prefect now?

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Is this supposed to be a meme-game?

No, this is a very professional game, we had a budget of 10,000 rbx to make the icon.

It looks goofy, weird, and you can tell it’s a joke game. You shouldn’t really try to improve it too much, otherwise it would take away the sarcastic vibe of the game.

glad someone knows its a joke.

Looks good to me. Kids like stuff like this so they’ll be clicking on it.

glad someone has common sense.

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I would take out the emojis and add some sort of environment in the background. Maybe a forest with a dark skybox and a bit of atmosphere.

I like the face it’s cute

Suddenly it also makes the emojies fit better

*To add to the environment thing, maybe move the character back a bit and add a campfire as a source of light.