Thoughts on our upcoming game?

Me, @SenneD7_DevForum and samatron198 are currently working on a Roblox game.

The name of the game will be Clown Mayhem. As you can guess by the name, it’s a game focused on clowns.
Now, how to play? You might ask. The idea behind the game is quite simple, you spawn in a circus, where you battle other clowns (players) until the last one standing. We plan to add rounds where everytime the last player standing gets a win to their name. You can compete on a ‘Wins leaderboard’.

Everytime you kill someone, you get a SmashPoint. These ‘smashpoints’ can be used to purchase new hammers in the shop.

The 3 types of hammers:

  • Level 1 hammer (starter hammer)
  • Level 2 hammer (upgraded version)
  • Level 3 hammer (does the most damage, but also has the largest cooldown)

Hammer effects

  • Fire (burn damage)
  • Ice (does freeze damage)
  • Lightning (does extra damage and stuns the player.)
  • Explosion (does what it says)

Other items

  • Pie (stuns a player and does 10 damage.)
  • Balloon (jump boost)
  • More coming

Clowns will also get abilities, which we haven’t discussed yet.

Outside of the circus, there are 4 shops. One is for gamepasses, one is for power ups, other one is for hammers and one is for effects.

We are planning to add WAY more to our game, but this is what we are thinking of at the moment. Any feedback would we appreciated as you are helping us develop our game!

(i might have forgotten something, i don’t know)


Are there any sound for example: clown laughing, sound when hammer hits, sprinting or dashing?
Cause that’s what clowns do I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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We already have sounds for our items, but laughing and sprint sounds is a good idea. I’ll note that