Thoughts on Outlast Underground Lab (UPDATE)

Hey developers! I decided to make a semi realistic game. This is based of the Underground Lab from Outlast. Here is an example of it:

Here is some screen shots of my version (It isn’t as good obviously because of roblox’s limit)

I have added some new stuff for this game like the ice and corridor going down!

Thanks for reading and looking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is very well made, if you continue the corridor / lab and played it in VR it would literally look like many games in VR that are made profesionally.

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I will be adding lighting after done

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S-s-s-semi only? This looks quite realistic man! One thing is the textures being a bit grainy.

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Did you use pbr textures? If not this can highly improve the build

Yea I agree with that I also think the door is a bit too wide but ay ho

Woah! This actually looks like the actual game, well done!

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There is no meshes in this game all made with default Roblox Parts and textures :happy2: