Thoughts On Reload For My Sawed Off Shotgun Model

In another post I showed off a shotgun model I made in blender, its my first gun model. So since I had some free time I animated it, it took around 2 hours to setup in itself and a lot of insane ranting to myself, while it took about 2 hours to make the animation itself, today i did some modifications, made it 30 fps and shortened the time in-between every keyframe and brought it closer to the screen. Anyways I think that’s all I got to say, here’s a link to the gif,
edit: this is my first gun animation, probably shoulve included this in the title or something

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it looks really stiff/robotic and it looks like the barrel is stuck or something and hes trying to force it open (also too much camera motion someone might get motion sick and it’s just weird)

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Awkward but alright, faster animation speed would make it less awkward i think.

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I do agree that the camera shake was a lot, although the barrel being swung open was more of a stylistic choice since it looks cool, wasnt really trying to go for extreme realism

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It looks good, but when you put the ammo in, it looked like one was floating.

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It looks cool! It’s honestly some cowboy vibes from seeing how it shoots.
Great job!

But I don’t see the bullets when you shoot the gun or was it suppose to be like that?

its not an actual tool right now, so this is only the reload animation. Also thanks i was going for some cowboy vibes

yea that was a problem I tried my best to fix but I couldn’t find an exact way to fix it

Ah, I see I thought it was for a second there thank you for correcting me! Also awesome that’s great to know! Keep up the amazing work though! :grin:

yes you should keep it but what I was trying to say is it’s too intense make it look like hes swinging it less to swing it open

Maybe make it so the ammo isn’t in a model, so it looks like you put in one bullet, grab another, and put that in the second chamber.