Thoughts on Semi-realistic Log Cabin

Hi! This MIGHT not be my best work so far because the whole point of this build was to try out the new 2022 textures and Roblox terrain. Please leave feedback/criticism, much appreciated! (Please do note that the trees are not mine, I got them from a realism pack :wink: )


The door is far too big and also seems to be forming collision flashes because one part is overlapping the other. To fix this, simply adjust the size or location of the door to exactly fit inside of the door frame.

  1. The stairs should have more steps on could be shorter

  2. The structure below the house is way too big unless you’ll add something in it.

  3. The door is way too big, get a normal roblox avatar and size it out.

Over all, GREAT job!!! Keep working hard and keep me updated.


Do you mean something like this? (added a window because the area seemed empty lol)

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Yeah I agree with what you said about 2 and 3, I’ve already started trying to fix the door and thinking about what to add on the structure below the house but what do you mean by make the stairs on the steps smaller, in what way?


If you want it to be semi-realistic, play in game and see if the steps would look right to you when you’re going up. I meant adding more planks but making the overall steps smaller based on length.


Oh, I can see what you are talking about, they feel kind of weird going up. Ok thank you I will try to fix it.


No worries! One thing to add as well, make the flooring more thick to realistically support the house. The colors of the actual house don’t matching with everything else either, so does the window and it’s design. Take your time to reassess everything and don’t give up. Goodluck!


It’s not bad for a start. The only thing I’m seeing is that the height of the wooden base of the house stands unusually high relative to the Dummy. I feel like I would be climbing those stairs with needed support. So definitely try lowering the base down half way or more. Each stair’s height should be no more than half of the Dummy’s leg.

Now let’s focus on the positives. The window you added gives the house a lot of character. It makes everything look alive. However, I feel the window is a little off center. Here’s what I would do to fix this: Insert a Part into the game, move it onto the top of the roof so it sits directly in the middle of the top edge, scale it’s width to the very minimum and simply run it’s height down to the window. If you see the window’s middle frame does not meet with the part, it’ll be super easy to visually adjust.

Next time, always remember that based on architectural principals and human psychology, people tend to be attracted to proportionate, symmetrical things. The reason why most horror games have monsters with disproportionate and asymmetrical properties is because they “look” unnatural and unattractive.

It’s understandable that at first glance game development seems insanely complex with many rules and principles, but over time once your skills are polished, you’ll get used to those procedures and they’ll become nothing more than a daily routine.

You’re still doing a great job! Keep up the hard work and most importantly - never give up.


Thank you so much for feedback, ways to help my building efforts, motivational support and criticism. This really helps me a lot!


No problem. I’m always glad to help out. If you need anything else, let me know.


I overall like the look of it, though some small nitpicky things to note:

  • The platform the house is on is way too thin IMO
  • The window is slightly off center + doesn’t entirely fit the theme of a log cabin, though if you built that window it looks really nice, so kudos on that
  • The colors are bit too orangy and the window is too uh “intense” (glass colors should lean towards gray rather than blue
    The trees and fence look cool, but the grass “platform” the whole thing is on looks slightly awkward.
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I love the Archimedes plugin :wink:

Thank you for the ways to improve my build, will help alot!

This doesn’t look to realistic if you ask me besides from the trees. The log cabin looks weird but that’s mainly because there are only 2 pictures + lighting making it hard too see. More pictures would be appreciated with better lighting.

The door looks too blocky and the window doesn’t fit the theme and aesthetics of the house. The window belongs somewhere fancy; like a castle or church. The stairs also look weird and using wedges as the railings doesn’t help either.

I noticed something quite off with the build, that is this:

There are several questions I have with this:

  • Why is there a part there?
  • Why couldn’t it be Terrain?

Also I don’t see any point with a patio that the cabin is on.


Overall, it is quite decent. I do somewhat like the lighting in the build and the grass on the terrain also fits quite nicely. It be really nice if you made your own trees though, it would bring some uniqueness to the build.


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I’m trying to learn how to :grin: but whilst I try to learn it, for my builds I use free model trees before I learn how to try to make my own.

Thanks for constructive criticism

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A tip I can tell you is that you shouldn’t rely on free models for every build (The only exception would be Textures, Decals, Meshes). Try to make your own stuff than relying on something that was already designed.

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Thank you for the tip, I realise as it doesn’t seem professional to constantly rely on models that probably have been stolen and/or transferred though thousands of people.

I’ll tell you what. It’s all up to personal preference! In the world of game development, you are the master of your imagination, and you have the right to use any asset you’d like that you feel would complement your place. Although I wouldn’t use any free models since some may contain malicious scripts while others may not look quite right, they’re free models, which means you won’t have much control over your game.

I suggest doing everything manually as you’ll have better control over how exactly you’d like to manipulate the contents inside of your game. But hey, it’s okay to use free assets. Some large AAA games out there sometimes use assets to aid in their game’s development, so there’s a surprising fact!

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Didn’t know that, pretty cool! :+1: