Thoughts on Simulator Map

Hello Developers, I hope you’re having a great day. I have been working on a simulator map for a few days, and in my opinion, I absolutely love it. I believe that this is one of the best builds I’ve done so far!
DM me on discord if you’re interested: SupaHiwo#9452

Thanks for reading my post, and have a great day.


Looks pretty good. Haven’t saw something bad.

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I love the style and how you used images as the cloud. Although could use a lot of improvement. The colors looks pretty bland and the sky looks like just a blue wall. I think the path way should be in the ground instead of a part above it since it looks a bit weird. Also not a bit fan of the font used for the shop. Other than that, it’s pretty good

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I love the style you have gone for, the lightning is perfect to match with colours. Good job and keep going!

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this would be selling models and it is against the rules of the dev forum

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His post has nothing bad included and isnt against any rules at all.
Neither has he asked to rate his build, nor is he trying to ask for sales related thing. Hes just asking for FEEDBACK and thats acceptable here.
(Just correcting you. No offense intended :smiley: )

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It looks pretty clean, I love the style and the models arrangement in general.
Maybe use a different skybox? Cuz this one, Ive seen in A LOT of simulators and ig it would be better to use something unique.
Also the shops could be made a bit more interesting and catchy as the current one u have doesnt really bring the players’ attraction in an instant. Slight use of Neon blocks could enhance it.
Other than, its really nice. Pog


Your map looks pretty well made! Although I am having problems with the skybox as @BeveledEdge stated, that this skybox has been used a lot. But all and all, it’s a pretty good simulator map!

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