Thoughts on single-core processor vector-art

Need ideas on an processor vector-art; i made it on my own, 0% chance i’ve copied it from a site. 1 core.
(The gradient that will be on the core of the processor (it’s made out of crystals if you did not know) is just realism effect)


I used Adobe Photoshop for all of those.
Overlay Settings (Gradient on the crystal), Shapes

This is the processor

I will publish this image on the current account.

You can get the Photoshop file here; starterProcessorImage.psd
Thanks for replies! Support very appreciated. :slight_smile:

The gradient looks odd, try making it flat.

If you want to modify it, the .psd file can be downloaded here:


I think that you could remove the gradient as @loertis said, and try to either remove or try to change the white outline on the right side of the image, Also I am not sure if this is intended but the orange color on the top and the bottom of them image doesn’t really match with it.



the outline near the core is chrome XD

Necro bump before the thread is dead, you say?
Just notifying you can download the .psd file on the thread; yes!