Thoughts on some old Ad's I did

I made these ad’s about a month or two ago. They were a commission and cost 40 rbx for both (I severely underpriced myself due to wanting to add some ad examples to my portfolio+trying to find work through talenthub).

Something like this would probably be more around 400 rbx if someone wanted to commission it (for both).

I did a lineless style+some small cell-shading, as well as putting a bit of blended shading over the whole thing. Thoughts? (This is not my normal style, mainly done because it was the quickest).

Ad 2 for lego
Advertisment comission for lego

(I also made versions with text, but I am just showing off the art for this)

It looks pretty cool. Reminds me of all of those very lovely adverts made by HK companies to appeal to children, so I’d imagine it would be very effective among the young Roblox community.


Looks amazing and to reiterate on what @THULiCORE had said, it definitely appeals to kids.


400 is too low, please higher to at least like 2K

Also at first glance the price might seem low, you have to factor in:

  • Took me an hour at most for both
  • This is not my preferred style (it is very simplistic and not my best work)
  • This is Roblox, so my prices will not reflect actual artwork pricing (Although 400rbx=5$ which I think is pretty reasonable for this size, quality, and time).

Also, its best not to ask people to price higher/lower as the price is set is likely what the artist finds comfortable selling at their skill level (basically a lot of people like to say “oh price it higher” or “this is to low!” but when they do price it higher, no one buys).

It is nice you think it should be 2k, but that’s not realistic for me on Roblox (as well as I would not be comfortable selling these ad’s for that high)

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Whatever floats your boat I guess, good luck!