Thoughts on some recent GFXs

Hey there! So i recently decided to switch over to Blender since I feel it’s more capable then C4D in terms of rendering, default render engines, etc, and I would like some feedback on some recent pieces I have made using Blender!

(Uploaded in order of making, 1st pic was my first Blender GFX, and 4th is my 4th Blender GFX)

Thanks for reading, I appreciate all feedback!


They are really well made but I’m I’ll give you some tips to improve this awesome gfx.
1.Lighting in many of these pictures there lack of lighting and pretty dark scenes might not interested the public.
2.Use Photoshop to improve all colors or poor tittle such as your watermark or the tittle of the game.
3. Try making better backgrounds instead of sky or black make them more elaborated do you keep learning.
Hope this is helpful continue the good work!


Alright, thanks! The first 2 were just test renders focused solely on the character and not the background or the scene, hence why they have plain backgrounds with nothing in them. I use Photoshop after rendering to improve stuff and add CC etc, but I don’t really edit my watermark since its supposed to be there to protect my work instead of make it look better. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

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The GFX’s looks amazing, The Detailing in the last one for the Clothing folds looking splendid. Your lighting skills are great too! I would recommend you adding a Saturation in the Underwater GFX so that it gives you a more “Underwater” effect. Great job in the Luminescence of the Accessories, I like that concept.image
Anyways Great work, Keep it up! :clap::grinning:

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Your detailing in the characters is really good. Though your lighting needs significant improvement, it’s not very realistic in any of your pieces and really dark and dull. Your attempt at realistic clothing is pretty good but there’s places it looks weird on the character (1st render, pants area) (1st image, right arm); you could kind of see where you cut the cloth material (Not too familiar with Blender). And I feel C4D is more capable than Blender but it’s more advanced, though like you said, it requires a bit more third party engines and plugins.

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Thanks so much! I’m thinking of remaking that underwater GFX when I get better, so I’m definitely going to take your advice!

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Alright, thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure to improve on my lighting as best as possible, and also try and master those techniques like clothing folds.

For your underwater scene, I would recommend using the principled volume node, or the volume scatter node to make it look more like water. These nodes give your objects “fog”, and they can be used for giving liquids depth, fog, etc. If you do use this, you will need to make your lights brighter, as it will absorb light rays.

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Yup, I used the prinicipled volume node.