Thoughts on stone age house

Im trying to make an old timy village but I’m not too good at building. I used a dummy for reference so everything is too scale.

Are the windows ok? What should I do to improve these?


ehh the windows are bad and the building is kinda trash. i recommend to Use blender

You should probably look up “stone age buildings”. They definitely didn’t have a clock of this type in those times.


The building on the left I found the reference image you used so that building is pretty okay for what I can compare. Maybe add some dirty textures to make it feel old.

As for the building on the right, the windows need more work. You could add more depths to them, add window frames, glass or if they don’t have glass make them boarded up. The shade thing above the door, make it more slanted downward.

These are only tips, nothing I said you have to do. But it looks nice, keep up the good work. :smiley:

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I recommend that you do research on ancient village models. Build on models that exist in real life.
This will improve your perspective and also your skills and build using the studio!

An example below.


Wait, was that made in roblox studio?

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No its a picture from real life