Thoughts on the design of my Dialog System

So recentrly I made a Dialog system for my game!
It works pretty well.

But I am wondering what are your thoughts on the UI Design, sound effects, etc

Make sure you leave your feedback!


So far it looks pretty functional and straightforward to me! The only visual feedback I would give is to switch out the stylized font for the dialogue itself, as it’s harder to read than conventional text fonts.

You can keep the stylized fonts for buttons, keys, titles, and a lot of other assets, but for text try to keep it simple and legible. Try not to add too much visual weight to it as it can also be distracting; a great way to avoid this is instead of using text strokes, to go for a contrasting background. For example, light text and dark background or vice-versa:


(Also regarding the sound effects, I’m pretty sure the one you used was taken from Undertale, or at least sampled by it as well, so I’d check if it has any kind of copyright claim, just to make sure you don’t get in any trouble lol).


Love it! As @ChiruDonut said, definitely look into the contrasting background as it will make your UI pop.

Also, if you don’t mind, what is your end goal here? What are your plans with this system? I think you’re on the right track, especially with the sizing of the UI and the placement. :slight_smile:

This is gr8!!! :heart:
If there is longer message maybe add double click to skip to the end

Yeah I think it is. I have no idea how to make music so I just took it from the toolbox ngl.
Any suggestions on where I can get free, non copy-righted sounds?

Try endorsed non copyrighted sounds (just to stay safe) or upload them if you can’t find any good ones

i dont think that sound is copyrighted…

many games have a text sfx like that, like megaman x and such

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Looks like a great start. The sound is a bit on the annoying side as used. Actually no need for the sound at all in the given context.

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It looks good! Make the back display where the text is shown a different color so it makes the text stand out, and add an outline to it too. You could also make a special style/shape for it.

You should also make the E-to-interact UI a bit bigger so it’s more visible.

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How about little clicks [tritritritri] would fit if you don’t want the sound?

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It’s a player talking to a NPC. Who’s making the clicking sounds. If this was an audible indicator of the chat progressing, not necessarily having to originate from the character. Like you see in some games. Obviously, it wouldn’t be as loud or make the same kind of sound as this. But this is just my opinion, I am not looking to start a debate over personal preference feedback.

I suppose the sound could just be an audible indicator of the chat progressing, not necessarily having to originate from the character - I’ve seen plenty of games where a universal clicking sound is used to denote dialogue; but then again, yeah, the current sound @FroDev1002 has could definitely be switched out.

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pls make the audio sync with the text. Change the font too

A note. The sound is synced with the text. My video recording just moves the sound around and stuff so it doesnt sound like it.

But it is

Overall, I like it, the UI looks nice but the sound is very annoying for me personally, but that’s just personal opinion.

It looks good! All i would do is to change the font of the text. The ont will add a lot to the game.