Thoughts on the exterior of this corner building


Deciding to make a small block

Been iffy on the windows of the first floor, explaining why they look unfinished.

The street lights were something I made in 20 mins, probably will redo them. Also the current textures for the sidewalk and road are me experimenting with images from the marketplace and using them as textures, doubt ill keep them.


Really nice, besides the stuff you mentioned that weren’t finalized I really can’t place a single issue on the build. Very impressive work, I hope you show more of this project!


I really like the style you’re going for here. The color pallet matches well together. The only question I have is what are those free models of Soldiers doing in the building?


They’re simply there as an NPC to show proportion of the building. Always forget I can make a rig to generate NPC’s quickly…


Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining.


You could add some garden decor. Maybe plots of plants in the front? Or any nice, small decor could work!


It really looks nice, this is a great build you did. In my opinion finish the sidewalk, if your planning on finishing it but for know great stuff man. Hope to see more of your builds very soon!!


If you were going to have a larger town or city, then having the streetlamps as close together as they are now would lead to some unwanted repetition. In reality, streetlamps are not that close together, and I would recommend removing the middle streetlamp and using that distance as a basis for the other streetlamp placements.

Also, the texture used for the pavement doesn’t really go well with the building in my opinion, unless you planned on texturing the building as well.

Apart from that, nice build. :slight_smile:

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Great! This must of took some time. I am guessing the soldiers are for how big the doors should be? I am happy that this takes some time to build. The amount of thought going into it is amazing! Did you copy from an image?


@Somnar What kind of texture would you recommend for the sidewalks? I’m mostly taking ideas from the looks of heritage sites/ historic sections in cities and small towns, which typically have brick sidewalks. Is it simply the color, configured size, or overall texture that is the issue? I really don’t like the default brick material type- or any of the given material types to be honest- reasoning behind most of my builds being smooth plastic; perhaps I should look for some free textures online to add more spice to it. If you have any recommendations to certain textures, do post. Also noted that there are too many street lights :smile:, I just added that many to add more substance to the build so far in that screenshot.

@JoshuaB0RN It is in fact based off a picture of the exterior of an old victorian inn that had a restaurant on the bottom floor, but I’m going to build the interior to be more of a large boutique with housing on the top floor.


OK, good luck man! I wish you well.


There’s nothing expressly bad about the texture, as such, but it’s more-so how much it contrasts with what is otherwise a build that doesn’t have many textures.

Personally, I believe the building itself would look better with textures, but I myself like textures as they amplify detail. I’m unsure what style you’re going for.

If you aren’t keen on the idea of textures, I’d go with a more subtle, transparent red-grey that doesn’t look too much like an image plastered over the pavement.


I’m mostly worried about applying custom textures to certain parts such as the roof, which I think needs one, since performance. I like the smooth plastic walls and other detailing though, as it emulates way im going for as best as can be when compromising; the regular wood material simply doesn’t do it for me but it might just be me being finicky. In terms of design I still struggle with texture though, which I want to try and improve with this build. I’ll play around and see what I can do, as you’ve definitely opened my mind. I definitely don’t want a complete flat-shaded “cartoony” look to this build.


“Since performance”? What’s wrong with the roof?

There is no such thing as “being finicky.” Your build is what you make it. You must orient it to represent what you want it to be. To be fussy about what you build is normal; to be slothful and generic about it is both unpleasing and unwanted. You have shown to me that you are dedicated to building, so don’t let that feeling blind you at all.

So far, I’ve been under the impression that it was meant to look cartoony due to the lack of material or textures. This is understandable. Personally, I believe the sliding would look okay with wood so long as a 80%–90% transparent gradient was applied to the bottom of each panel (so that it didn’t look bland).

Experiment with it, as you’ve said. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was anybody’s building style.


“Since performance”? What’s wrong with the roof?

Nothing inherently wrong with it, just applying custom textures to the parts could affect performance. A quote from this post:

“A brick with textures on all 6 sides is roughly 7x more expensive to draw than a plain brick with a material. ”

Also, to prevent breaks in material, would it be best to simply union each distinct part of the building (windows, detailing, all that jazz) to ensure a clean material look? That could also affect performance along with the possibility of them corrupting.


What’s the part count? Looks terrific!

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