Thoughts on the textures of my WIP build

Hello. You’ve probably seen me posting quite a bit over the past few days on Building Support, but that’s because I’m experimenting with new things. One of those things is texturing. So I was building a model I’m going to sell at the marketplace when I thought about adding textures, like I had been suggested multiple times before. So I got some from the Library, and was wondering if it doesn’t fit or feels off. I guess this is a mini-spoiler for what I’m posting on the marketplace soon, but I just need some tips on how to texture right.
(PS: Please note that I plan on selling the build so if the textures look nice but probably wont fit in a regular games then please let me know.)
Thanks :smiley:

Before Texturing:

After Texturing:


You can see a significant improvement after the texture. I say you keep up the good work!

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Well, it’s better after adding the texture. I would just change the colour to orange.

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Some textures look slightly stretched around the frame.


The candy board doesnt look that rustic as the rest, I suggest creating small “chips” in the board using wedges or you can use a texture to make the board look old. and make the candy letters a bit more rustic

I agree with DevJolly and Lv100DominusUltimus. On the other hand, I think you should probably tilt some of the “Candy” letters more, since a few of 'em look pretty straight, as this will give it the more “run-down” effect.

The texture of the wood is out of place with the rest of the design, its just blanks that go straight with no imperfections in the texture - if you could find a better wood texture it’d be pretty good
As for the “Candy” sign, I think it looks pretty good how it is, if you tilt it too much it just looks bad. The way you have it now is great.

I like the above picture but I would recommend getting another texture that isn’t stretched out like the below picture, try looking for decals that have detail in them with no blur in them.

The before and after is quite an upgrade, but I suggest applying an actual texture image for higher quality.

As you can see at the bottom area, it is stretched out. If you want to fix that then go to advanced objects and type in Texture. After that, you apply a texture to it then upload the image within it in the properties tab.

I also suggest fiddling around with the studs per tile and the offset options to make it look seamless and realistic. Hope this helps!


The textures look quite low quality. From what I found, using brighter textures makes the assets appear higher quality and scaling them down increases the detail even more.

The textures kind of remind me of an old roblox game though, which actually gives me quite a bit of nostalgia. Great work on it anyways!

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Alright, I’ll keep that in mind thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh I was wondering how to fix that, thanks a lot for the suggestion :smiley:

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In my opinion, textures and decals are overused. Especially in military and abandoned builds. I say you should build in high detail what you want it to look like. It has a much more realistic effect and adds depth.

You can only add so much detail before it looks unnatural, or cramped. Default roblox textures also fail to deliver the right aesthetic at times. So I’ll probably continue texturing.