Thoughts on these renders?

Hoi! I’m Goal, and I have only just recently started doing blender renders. It would be appreciated if you could spend some of your time to possibly review my work? I don’t mind harsh criticism, so feel free to scold me XD.


I understand that I need to work on the lighting, as some are too bright. If you could give me a few tips on lighting, and anything else, that would be great!
And, also some possible prices I would sell them for?

Thank you!



The graphic designs look pretty good, I like the fact that you have also included the title in the design, but personally, I think that the characters look slightly small on the images. I would suggest making them significantly bigger to the point where you can only see the torso and above.


Overall, the renders are very well made, but the background choices could be better. For example, on the third image, in my opinion the background is a bit too blurred, but on the second image the background is perfect, but the character doesn’t really blend into the scene. For the second image I would recommend getting rid of the character and centering the text.

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I’ll hold you to this. Here’s the main things I’m picking up:

The poses

Of the pieces you’ve posted, all the characters can be summed up in the following image:

Now I get that it’s the aesthetic you’re going for, that is, upbeat and happy, with a smiling waving robloxian and everything, but believe me it is extremely and overly repetitious in the graphics community. Examples are shown below of almost every post within the past few days in 2 graphics servers I’m in, which also have predominantly beginner artists like yourself.

Please don’t fall into the trap of simply moving some of the limbs a couple of degrees. Try to pose in such a way that is dynamic, yet not so much so that it looks comical. This is hard to do given the nature of the default roblox character (i.e. a series of literal blocks) but it’s worth it, because if you can convey poses with 5 rectangular prisms and a cylinder then you won’t find posing with more humanoid models (e.g. 2.0) nearly as hard (speaking from personal experience).

The Text

As far as I can tell, the text you do is fairly simplistic. This is not bad in all scenarios, but where the text is fairly important, you want it to be visually appealing and at times attention catching, which simplistic text is often hard to be. There are numerous ways you can spice up your titles/text, such as:

  • Gradients
  • Stripes
  • Drop shadows


When choosing backgrounds, you should make sure they complement the character. Its a big part of color theory that these kinds of combinations are visually appealing.
This is shown in some of the examples I posted above:
As bland as the poses are, the colors work well together.

That’s the majority of the stuff I can find, hope this helps.


Thank you for the feedback! Those were some of my very first renders, so the poses are a little basic. I will try to practice some more complicated poses in the future.

I also love the idea of using drop shadows and stripes in my text, I will be sure to do that much more often! My colours do definitely need working on, as my colour theory is very weak to say the least.
Thank you!

No problem, glad I could help!