Thoughts on these timer and announcement guis?

These guis are for a round based game in a low poly build style.

This is one of my first attempts at designing it. I personally think it looks quite bland and lacking personality, but my friend disagrees and thinks everything should be done in this style.

(Please open image in full size)

Here is one of my other attempts, which I personally think looks quite nice and suits the game style.

(Please ignore all the top images except for the timer.)
(Please open image in full size)

Which one do you think is the best and and what do you think could be improved on the one you pick?


I like this style I haven’t really seen rounded UI’s like these before its something appealing to them that is nice maybe having the border colour filled into the shape and having the text as a black or white colour will make it look more coloured and less bland but I think the way it is now is alright and I would be fine with looking at that on my screen playing a game.

Edit: Your other attempt is better than the first so go with whatever you think suites your game the best.

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Hey! You said “I like this style, I haven’t really seen rounded Ui’s like these before”, which one are you referring to, the top or the bottom image? Just wanted to know so I can take your advice on board and make some changes. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I was referring to the bottom image but the top image also is nice in my overall opinion the bottom image is the best out of the 2. Maybe instead of saying “TIME LEFT” you could put a timer image next to the time left. Nice work so far and good luck.


I like the style of the bottom image a lot. It’s playful, yet structured and not cluttering. Colors are used nicely and the GUI is a nice contrast with the game behind it.

The first screenshot looks like any other GUI with rounded corners slapped on, and will probably not give you the same polished effect you can achieve with the second.


@Mine685 Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah the bottom one does seem a lot more suited to the game style, thanks for your feedback!


I feel like the top one would fit a more serious game. However, considering the map in the background on the bottom photo, I feel like the bottom GUI would fit your game more.

I also prefer the announcements being on the side of the screen instead of the middle, as the announcement GUI could get annoying if the a player is trying to do something.

Over all, really nice clean design. Good job!


Second one is really nice. I like the border, icon and text being the same colour for the other bits, and the notification is great design. I’d probably just say the time left one is maybe a bit wide - a lot of white space left and right of the timer.


Thanks for your feedback! I also felt the bottom one would fit the game more as the maps/lobby are in a low poly style.


Thanks for your feedback as well. I’ve just noticed the huge amount of white space. I’ll have to make it smaller. :slight_smile:

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I personally LOVE the bottom. I love the rounded guis, I have always loved rounded guis. The top isn’t bad it just seems a bit too like not enough for me, too simple. :slight_smile:


I love both of them, the only thing I would change with the top image and announcement is make them look 3D (Just a personal opinion)

The second one is amazing and I don’t think it should be edited.


Thanks for your feedback as well. The top guis are just normal rounded images, where as the button guis are rounded images inflated in photoshop, thats why it curves out a little bit. its subtle but it looks quite nice!

@vabajaa Thanks for your feedback!


Honestly the second one looks a lot nicer. I haven’t see a game on Roblox with rounded UIs like that. Maybe move the arrow on the side by chat do it isn’t right on the chat bar. Moving it down and making it a little bit smaller should work. All of this is referring to the bottom image.