Thoughts On This 100 Robux Sponsor Comparison (Discussion, share your experiences)

I decided to start an experiment with sponsors to see how much robux, what days, and other factors matter when sponsoring games. These are the statistics and 5 conclusions I’ve come up with.

(Keep in mind this is only information to think about for sponsors, I mainly only sponsor because I make games, not clothing groups, and yes the CTR will be horrible because it’s a sponsor but you get more plays than you would from an advertisement)

  • At low amounts of Robux adding extra doesn’t make much of a difference
  • Impressions improve significantly the more Robux you spent
  • Sponsoring for many days is better than spending all your Robux for one day
  • If you have a lot of Robux use it on sponsors that are 7-30 days long for high amounts of robux to gain a slowly building and consistent playerbase that will probably come back to play again sometime
  • If you have a low amount of Robux then you shouldn’t do long sponsors because people who spend a lot of Robux will be shown a lot more times than you will so doing 10 every day will get more plays for your game.

130 Robux sponsor (about 100 robux) for 5 days (Sunday-Friday)

100 Robux sponsor for 4 days (Sunday-Thursday)