Thoughts on this '60s Open-Wheeler Car?

This took a while to make, 1~2 days.
With the exception of the steering wheel and rear springs, this is entirely made of parts and unions.
What should I change about it before making my next car?




Looks really nice! Although if you’re using unions I’d watch the part and triangle count as if it gets complicated the physics might get a bit laggy.

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I would advise a metallic material for the car. :smiley:

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Metal doesn’t have the glossy painting appearance I am aiming for, but thanks for the suggestion anyways.


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This looks so awesome! I really like the attention to detail, especially of the rear end. How were you able to make the shape of the car using unions?

It’s good,But on the other hand it looks like the half of a kazoo while the other half lost it’s shell

I just used stretched-out spheres

You could experiment with making the body more reflective on SmoothPlastic and make the colors more saturated so they don’t look washed out after the reflections