Thoughts on this advanced camera movement (Bobbing, turning, strafing, idle and more)

Ive been working on making the camera movement more advanced since it will make it look more realistic (to a degree) and make me look like a better scripter :sweat_smile:

anyways I have the following videos to show:

bobbing (walking):




more (jumping/crouching):

There is a lot of movement which might be a little overkill and I have thought about the whole motion sickness thing but cmon there’s no way you get sick from this… Any feedback?


how much for this???

im being for real this is amazing and just what my game needs 10/10

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This looks amazing! I hate working with the camera but I think I might just have to try this.
Perhaps just make it a toggleable setting later on to avoid the whole motion sickness thing.

Not for sale but I could definitely make a tutorial (although it may be a little rough around the edges)

I plan to add settings to change the intensity and all that since it seems to be a recurring problem

yes please it looks amazing