Thoughts on this build

Hello fellow builders, I’m a novice at this and I’ve been working on this pizza shop. I’m interested in your feedback, what do you think?



It looks great, especially for a novice builder; although I do have a few suggestions. To begin with, the sign is difficult to read, so it should probably be changed to a darker color.image

The interior looks nice, but I think that the red/black chairs in the background could be reworked slightly, either to make them more similar to the chair (?) in the foreground (by using similar shapes and colors).

The doors look a bit too blocky compared to the rest of the building. I’d suggest resizing the handles, and maybe adding more details to it (such as windows, a border, a more intricate handle, etc…)

Finally, I’d suggest altering the tables a bit. The color scheme is nice, but the tables look out of place in a modern build. One change you could make is to add a partially transparent glass part to the tabletop, in order to add a reflective look. The plain, unpolished wood seems out of place.

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The glass is a little too reflective on that. I’d make it like .8 or .9 on transparency.

The build is nice, but I’d suggest using a reference on your chairs. I believe it’s meant to be modern. The reference may be an image or a free model. The chairs look very out of place with the dark coloured legs and the red open back.

as a modern build freak, I’d add an accent wall. Brick in burgundy would make a nice accent. Experiment with textures. Concrete-on-concrete doesn’t look good usually as there’s no variation

last edit, i promise:

I’d mess around with lighting. Lighting is what will pull a scene together, whether it’s beginner or pro. Make sure that in your final product, you have some form of sunray. those will add more quality to your build. Try experimenting with the lighting settings, or view a tutorial on the forum. It’ll definitely bring your build together.

One last edit, I lied. I’d remove the background on your pizza logo through the means of a transparent alternative, or uploading the image to Removing the white will look much more modern, and it’ll also make it look more professional.

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Good point, the glass is a bit too much. @taddmichael, if you end up using this idea I’d go with @Aec_hes’s suggestion. A subtle reflection will give it a modern, polished look, as opposed to a rough, unfinished look that’d be apparent in older builds.

Thank you guys so much for your help. This information will help me make more advanced/complex builds in the future. I will add both of your solutions that will surly make the build a lot better.


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The shape of the building is good, since your new to building I would switch up the materials around the interior. Try throwing square tables things that’ll be in in pizza places, you could even throw art/ pictures to spice up the scene a little bit. The material choice makes the overall build look simple.

While creative is put into the build, I would recommend using reference images of pizza buildings to gather those important details to throw in your build. This would make it look better and add a bit to that simplistic feel. The concrete material that is the design is also quite all over the place, perhaps try finding a color pallet or “a material design”. This should be changed.

The sign seems largely placed and not centered: something that could be done, would be making a sign to attach the decal image so it could give a sign this is a place build. Perhaps some exterior objects things like you’ll see bins, tables, door signs, etc. To give it a more realistic approach.

Reference image of a pizza place


Nice build! The one thing I would suggest is higher contrast between the neon light and the wall… it’s kinda hard to read.

Great work so far! One thing I saw that could be changed for this build is making this white thing behind the pizza icon to make it stand out. I also recommend changing the material for the chairs, and maybe try smooth plastic and make the chairs look more realistic. Otherwise than that, great work man! image