Thoughts on this concept?

Hello, I have been bored recently and just building random stuff. Went from working on a new Kings Landing to now building futuristic/neon themed places. How does this look? Any ideas or ways I can improve it?


I’m not much of a builder. But I do like the color combinations. Besides the neon, I don’t see much of any type of futuristic building/modeling aspects. Overall I’d say keep adding to it. It looks great.

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I’m liking this very much :fire::star_struck:. It looks like something from a very sci-fi movie. Keep it up, I would like to see how the final product turns out. :+1:t4:

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This looks awesome! Perhaps play around with the lighting as well, have some subtle emphasis on bloom and see all the neon colours pop?

Keep going!

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Here’s an update. I added a lot more details and chairs. Now I need to figure out something for the walls since right now there just really thick parts with nothing on them. I’m thinking of making a futuristic city background and then making it look like the place is in a skyscraper. Then upstairs would become a dance floor or a clothing store.

@Huxmes Also I played around with the bloom effect and it made it look much better. It’s a little hard to find the right bloom because there is so much neon stuff that it can be too little or too much. Would of never thought of this idea if it wasn’t for you though, so thanks!

Edit: I know the chairs/table look weird in this photo but in-game they’re much better!

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Mind-blowing! :exploding_head: Really good progress, and the tables and chairs make the build come more to life. Keep the posts coming, and I like the skyscraper idea, it will create a really fun scene and make it more dramatic.

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