Thoughts on this door?

I’m not a builder by the way.
From inside:

From outside:

Yes, I will try to make the buttons look better. And no, there is no reactor (yet. I’m working on it.)
So. What do you think?


Super cool!

You could add some warning lights when the door opens and closes


The texture of the text on the door is a little weird to me. But as you open the door you really like it!

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Just a small suggestion, the hinges look way too small to support that heavy of a door.

I’d put the heavier hinge brackets at the top and bottom of the door and have the center door bracket touching the top and bottom brackets since they’d support a much greater weight that way and it’s how hinges are designed.

Its, actually not that bad I recommend you make light so when its opening and closing the door so it will make an cool effect!

Cool! If I could change anything, maybe I would change the font or color of the text. If you really want to make it pop, I suggest you download the 3D text plugin!