Thoughts on this GFX i created?

it was made for my clothing store game


I feel like the environment doesn’t match with the characters. Maybe try out a white room with details or something that works better with it?


The visuals look good! But a few details could be improved:

  • These weird patches of grass scattered around hardly blend in with the background, making it look a bit messy and inconsistent.

  • On the same note, the background looks too clouted and doesn’t complement the main focus (the characters), instead, it draws the attention away from them.

  • About the characters, you could try to tweak the hats a bit so the hair doesn’t clip through them hopefully.

  • Lastly, although it looks nice, I would never guess that this GFX is for a clothing store/Homestore game, I’d assume it’s something related to camping or exploring, so try adding in a few more “shopping” aspects, maybe switch the background to a commercial center, make the characters hold a few shopping bags, add mannequins, whatever you feel could fit!


Not sure if this is intentional, the characters look like they’re made out of chrome or rubber. Along with that, the hundred dollar bill looks… unreasonably shiny. Did you wax that bill?

The third character (on the right) looks like he’s floating above the ground. The hair of the middle character looks very smooth and looks like plastic. His arms also clip with his torso, making the gfx look overall unprofessional.