Thoughts on this hard obby?


I’m currently trying to work on a hard obby and attempt it to get it submitted into a game called Kiddie’s tower of Hecc, below is the game link.


Here’s my obby I’m in the progress of making :

If you have any criticism, thoughts, opinions, and or suggestions, i’ll gladly listen to them. Thank you :smiley:



In my opinion, you should make this part just a little bit bigger so people don’t just leave right off the bat.


Thank you for the suggestion :smiley:


The obby definitely is difficult, I’ll give you that. An exploiter completed one of the towers in 6 seconds it looks like.


What difficulty is it in KTFH? Nightmare fuel? Also, I’d recommend a different name since ToTaT doesn’t particularly roll of the tounge like, for example, Tower of Keyboard Yeeting. Perhaps shorten it?


As a hard obby its great it feels like an accomplishment when you complete a part. The platforming is decent I dont really see any need for a major change but I reccomend that you make the start easier for new players.


It would go into Kiddies Towers from Hell and most likely will be on one of the higher leveled worlds making that unnecessary


Building on what @Mine685 was saying, I think a little bit of progressive difficulty might go quite nicely.

A weird analogy but are you familiar with DICE’s Battlefield V? They have a thing called TTK, abbreviated for Time-To-Kill. It’s their analysis of how long the average life lasts in the average match. They’ve learned that the longer the TTK is, or rather, the longer players live, the more they enjoy the game. This is especially prevalent for new players. Beginners get easily frustrated when they die often and very quickly.

This analogy doesn’t fit your obby perfectly since your intent is for this obby to be notoriously hard, and it fits that role well, however, it might be worth exploring progressive difficulty, just so the younger members of your audience who form judgments on their first 60 seconds of game-play might be more inclined to continue playing your game, rather than rage-quitting. Just some food-for-thought.


Well then, note to self, don’t name games like this… and whats with the image? Is it talking about the thumbnail thats just a screen shot of in game? Also, thanks for the suggestions and reviews guys.

(Sorry for the wierd colors, stylish with roblox doesn’t work so well)

More news, the title got changed into content deleted but kept the thumbnail?


This is purely conjecture, but I suspect what might have happened was that you got moderated based on the title + thumbnail. The combination of the two. So calling it the “Tower of Torture” and having a red-dominated thumbnail of the game.
Two options I can think of:

  1. Changing the name to something far less graphic and resubmitting with the thumb.
  2. Change the shade of the thumb to something less dramatic like film-noir style (shades of black and white).

Moderation is oftentimes a lot about perception. I had some ads get censored due to a moderator deeming it a copyright violation. However I made an appeal and provided examples of other public use of similar content and they overruled the moderation action. So perception matters a lot. I suspect the thumb was negatively impacted by your title.


Whenever I think of game names, I always answer these questions before deciding:

  1. Can this title easily be misinterpreted?
  2. Are there any synonyms that can be used?

Thinking ahead is always a good strategy especially if you want to avoid mishaps like this in the future.

After looking around for a Synonym
I found a couple word combinations that might be of your interest:

  • Tower of misery
  • Tower of pain
  • Tower of distress
  • Skyscraper of pain
  • High rise of pain


Oh hey, a builder of Kiddies Tower of Hell. I’m one of the Developers of the game (GFX Design/Some towers)

-Since you are planning on making a hard tower, you shouldn’t try to force hard jumps which require precise mouse movements. Its less of a problem on the first floors, but you shouldn’t use this throughout your towers, since towers, even hard towers, should feel fair and justifiable for falls.

-Since you are planning on making a hard obby, it would probably be around the range of Dark/Light Blue. Since we are getting a lot of towers that are higher in the difficulty, around Black or higher, we are beginning to approve less of these, since people are making too many hard towers, this was at the request of Kiddie_Cannon, not me.

-Try to make your tower easier, since fair jumps/ proper level design is usually a determining factor for how we choose towers

-Optional, but provide a noclip/fly tool for players in your obby test, so they are able to try out these towers.

-A recent rule was made, where tower builders have to provide proof of them beating their own tower from beginning to end, no fly/advantage tools are allowed. This is just a heads up
-To go on with this; Any tower Purple difficulty or higher requires proof (e.g. a video of completing it) from beginning to end.
-You are allowed to teleport back to the beginning of floors as long as you reached them before-hand, this is just to save some tedium and time.
-You can have someone else beat your tower for you, just as long as the tower can be bested, it will be valid for KTOH.
-They have to be beaten without coil, so just standard jumps only.


Thanks for the tips! I’ll keep these in mind :smiley:


I just ran into a problem that I realized that may sound weird but, I’m pretty bad at making relatively medium difficulty obbies. Hmmm…


Start off with easy stages then slowly increase the difficulty as the player progresses through the stage.


In a game where there’s no checkpoints, that’s not what you want to do necessarily. It can become tedious to redo the easy sections numerous times


I’ve took into consideration of the suggestions and ideas, here’s an very much more easier and improved version :smiley:

Thanks to everybody who helped:

(It’s just named tower map because I thought of maybe adding more towers in the same game :stuck_out_tongue:)

(It’s finished now! Enjoy :smiley: )