Thoughts on this horror atmosphere so far

I took a couple videos (with sound) of this hotel ive been making for a horror game im working on. So far ive modeled everything my self, but a lot of the stuff isn’t finished and ive only made 1 room and a short hallway. I attempted adding many small details like dust floating in the air under the lights, but that might be overkill. I also tried a new view model system unlike something ive used before. I made the view model tiny and close to your camera so it doesn’t clip through walls. Here’s the videos:

edit: oh yeah I also added a highway with moving cars and some hills outside to make It seem more realistic and more full I guess

edit: y’all I just cooked up the most fire story for this game this is finna beat straight heat


Can I be a tester? It looks fire!

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Yeah me too I also wanna be a tester, this game looks like it’s got mad potential :fire: I can maybe even script some trivial stuff for you although I’m new. (Discords on my profile summary)

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Can I also be a tester. The game looks :fire:

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Well you guys I could definitely use some testers later on but for now I’ve got about 1% of the game done and I also am in a bit of an r6 siege addiction so progress will be slow :sweat_smile:

I like it, for small additions the first thing that came to mind is maybe some spiderwebs and broken glass

Good idea, I will add these, plus maybe some stains on the carpet her and there or smth