Thoughts on this smokey house scene?

heres a picture with smoke
And heres a picture without smoke

both were taking with Future Is Bright v15


Looks good, hard to give some overall criticism, there are a few nitpicky things that I can go into tough…

First of all, the scene may be nice to look into but it does not keep attention for long, it is very simple just a room in the dark with light over a door, if that is going to be a part of a bigger thing than it is great, if it is just some studying on making light also great.
Second, on the smokey scene, if you look quickly it looks really nice, but, when you pay attention it looks like the smoke is just a 2d layer over the image (I know that it is hard to make some real looking smoke effect).

In my opinion, it is good looking, but overall, simple.

(hope you don’t get offended by the feedback, but the fact that I need to go to small details means it is very good)

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This was a very good feedback, thank you!
But may i ask how to make a real good smoke effect that doesn’t look 2d?

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Well, I dont really know because I dont have much knowledge on that field of work, lol. The smoke was added outside of the studio?

The beam really gives me that sort of isolated vibe here, which is awesome! I’d say the materials/textures here have been utilized well for sure, especially with the sort of corrosion going on with the metal to the bricks & the ground 'n stuff, love it.

I’m not seeing much areas of improvement other than switching up the smoke effect a lil’ bit as already mentioned above. I’d also suggest you try taking a gif of the smoke effect if it has motion of some sort so we can see the full thing.

All the best with the project, looking forward to seeing what the future holds with this.