Thoughts on this song I made

YIR - Paradise in a Volcanic Disaster

A song that’s going to be the start of my album, The Somewhat Bloopers.

It sets the feel of the album quite a bit.

What are your thoughts on this song?
I’d like a rating associated with your thoughts too.


Nice song mate. How did you make it?


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Alright. Ill check it out soon.

I’m not an expert when it comes to music, but there is something I’d like to address. The first 25 seconds of the song lacks variety. The static noise by itself is kinda boring and just doesn’t appeal to me. Definitely better than what I can do, though.


Maybe tone down the static noise?

Or shorten it at the intro.

I’d give it a rating of 7.5-8. I say this because the static noise is kind of repetitive, and I think the music would be better without the static at the beginning. Other than that, nice job!

In all, there are good parts to the song but it lacks congruency. Specifically, the transitions at 1:22 and 2:34 were unexpected and made the song feel disorganized to me.

That isn’t to say there wasn’t anything I found interesting in the piece. The piano chords you have near the beginning set a strong mood that fits the title well, and I’d like to see some similar sounds used possibly near the middle to end of the song to give it some direction.

Overall I’d give the song a 5/10. You’ve got some good ideas, but you need to work on tying them together with softer transitions and a more consistent theme throughout the entire track.

Think of the beginning as paradise, and near the end as the volcanic disaster.

I think the piano like du da due is a boit to like ear rape sounding I’d fix that the begining sounds off from the main sojng it is verry llike tropical if you will then the rest is tecno-ish but that is just my 2 cents good song thoght.