Thoughts on this store GUI?


Aye, the border on the scrolling frame makes it look much better, perhaps pull up the shadow on the text on top. Looks aaamazzing. Keep up the good work. :grinning:


Btw, if anybody wants an odd but ok fix with scrolling frames, use UIAspectRatioConstraint on the boxes so that they don’t stretch out odd.


I’d recommend putting your close button on the right side instead of the left. It’s more natural that way. You should also show the prices for the items in the icons in the shop.


Opinionated here but Close Button should be on the right side of the Gui as opposed to the left. Given hitting a close button on the right will feel more natural to most people.
Also where is the buy button? lol.


The shop GUI is still a W.I.P. lol


The updated version looks great with correct spacing and consistent frames!

Nicely done!

One more suggestion however is moving the X to the top right. It’s universally found there across most games & applications. Along with that I would recommend giving it a different color such as red to distinguish it from the other tabs.


It looks very nice, but I have 2 recommendations:

One, make the X button’s text uniform with the other text buttons at the top, or colour it a different colour or give it an icon instead of the text, because it kinda stands out as mismatched against the other text.

The other is more important I think, and it’s that you increase the border between the inner blue curved frame and the outer white bounding box. It should also be made uniform all around the GUI because at the top and bottom the difference between the outer bounding box and the blue frame is slightly smaller than at the sides


Overall though, the GUI has a nice style and consistency and I like the simple colour scheme and rounded images.

Edit: To get consistent spacing on all devices between the frame and the inner frame, you can use a script to detect the AbsolutePosition.X of the inner frame and take it away from the AbsolutePosition.X of the outer frame and then apply that to the Y axis by doing:

InnerFrame.Position = InnerFrame.Position.X.Scale, InnerFrame.Position.X.Offset, 0, the value you just got)
InnerFrame.Size = InnerFrame.Size.X.Scale, InnerFrame.Size.X.Offset, InnerFrame.Size.Y.Scale, InnerFrame.Size.Y.Offset - (2*thevalueyoujustgot) )


it looks perfect!


You’ve done a wonderful job with the style and layout (imo)

Two practical usage issues, I think.

  1. How do you purchase? You’d want a nice, big, eye-catching button that says “Buy” or “Purchase” or something along those lines. Make it obvious, so users are more likely to buy.
  2. Where will the price tag go? It doesn’t seem to have anywhere that displays what the item will cost!

Overall, great GUI, but the gameplay implementation just needs to be pondered a bit more.


This is amazing.


Thanks, I’m currently updating it, once the style is good, i’ll begin to try to add some tweening to it and animations.


Maybe increase the margin at the bottom of the UI and make it match the margin from the sides and add the practical features @boatbomber listed.


Looks good!