Thoughts on this style of build?

I was making a SCPF type build and thought to try doing it with the old stud texture, how does it look?

Anything I could add/change?



It looks very good and realistic for a SCP game!

I looked at your avatar. Are you SCP-049?

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Personally, whenever developers use this texture I find it pretty cringey, like Roblox provides you with free textures, so if you aren’t using them, it just seems as if you are that lazy. I understand that it is a “style”, but there is always a way to texture everything to match your game, other than using the same texture.

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Kinda, its part military uniform for a group Im in with my friends, but I added the SCP-049 thing to change it up.

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Typically I will use other textures, but I just decided to do this for a change.

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