Thoughts on this UI screen?

Hey, so yeah I’m definitely not a good UI designer, but lately I’ve been trying to design something half-decent for a top-down shooter I’ve been playing around with.

Does this look any good??

Suggestions/criticisms more than welcome, this is a rough draft, and I don’t think it’s really good yet d:



I would suggest making the top text more clear and adding more bright/interesting colours that stand out.


Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the whole screen? It’s pretty hard to get context for what I’m looking at, regardless, here’s some suggestions: (I’m going to assume this is the loading screen, and that there’s going to be nothing else on the screen.)

  • The first thing I see is the, supposed, title of the game, “Invasion of the Dogebots 2”. The problem here is that it makes the title look like a button. In most games, the largest/most obvious button is the Play button. (E.g.,

    I would suggest making the title much larger, and putting it in its own frame, separate from the actual buttons.

Besides that, I’d say it looks great. There are some other improvements you could make, but they’re mostly based on how you want your game to look. You could make the Missions and Survival buttons larger, for emphasis. You could color code, with Missions and Survival being one color, and Inventory and Shop being another. You could put this on the left side of the screen, the right, or in the middle, depending on how you want it to look.,etc.

Overall, great design. I definitely think with practice and critique from players, you'll be able to make a fantastic GUI.


Why is the inventory button a gun? I suggest making it a backpack, as that makes more sense. I also agree with @Secretum_Flamma because the title looks like a button, so you should probably spend some time fixing that by making the text larger and making it look less like a button.


I’d go for a more gray background, maybe a little bit lighter than the default BorderSizePixel Color.

The icons look good to me, just the third one is a little off-centered but it wouldn’t phase me as long as the game was good.

When it comes to things like this, especially in a genre that mainly depends on the quality of the game I wouldn’t worry too much about stressing yourself out.

If anything, get a UI Designer, but hey… yours aren’t too bad.

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One thing I did notice is that the font you used for those buttons don’t seem like they are supported by Roblox.

Did you import the buttons with custom text? My concern is just about localization.


For all the buttons I actually generated custom graphics and text, then I saved the image and uploaded the image to Roblox, I didn’t use any custom fonts, I actually never knew that was possible.

Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Will work on adjusting it some more, and I do also agree with the title looking like a button…will see what I can do.

It looks pretty boring to me. I would suggest adding a more interesting color scheme. Looks pretty solid to me otherwise! Also a bit confusing to have a gun for the inventory button, but if theres some significance to that the players would understand, go for it.

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The colors don’t blend very well, I suggest changing the shade of the title to a color which suits your other elements.

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Looks good though a few improvements would make it better but I know everyone starts somewhere and can always get better if they continue working with what they really wish to achieve so good work!

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In terms of icons, it may interest you to know (if you don’t already) about , here you can find I think its 2 million pre made icons which will hopefully meet your needs, also I noticed some of the colours don’t really compliment each other, so maybe try recolouring basing off the standard color wheel, trying to also keep text size in proportion with their backgrounds.

hope this helped :slight_smile: