Thoughts on topbar


I decided to redesign my module PreloadService, and I was wondering what people thought on the navigation remap.

(possibly) After:

Let me know your thoughts and how I can improve!

Keep it?
  • The old one was better
  • The new one should stay
  • With some improvements the new one should stay (reply pls)

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In it’s current form, the old one is better.

Mainly, the off centered menu UI and I believe the frame below history is too small.

I’ve never noticed this much, but the 4 icons at the bottom have a thickness disparity.


I got 3 of the icons from the same icon pack one 1 from you. Will look into that

What do you think is offcenter? Roblox throws too many “yep man this is centered” at me so I have no idea what truly IS centered. Also, I’m aware the history frame is too small, will fix that.

I’m aware the one I made has a thickness disparity but the people icon for example feels like it has a different thickness to the clock icon.

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I did some research and they’re all the same face. (Regular Round)

I did notice that a cube icon was added to the Regular Round face of the pack i’m using, will swap out.

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I fixed all of the issues.

I fixed the icons, made the history longer, and made the menu float to the left.

I still don’t think it looks fixed.

PreloadService text was misaligned and I’ve never realised, also for a menu like that, home should not be in the 4th icon, and should be on the 1st icon.

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Also, the modules icon has a completely different thickness to everything else. And, the user icon doesn’t look consistent when looking at the players icon (user icon feels material design meanwhile players seem different).

It might be worth just starting from scratch, perhaps making your own icons as well, use to create them.

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