Thoughts on UI text color choices

I want opinions on what looks better

I can’t change the border color or title color tho, as they are the base theme colors. However, the blue is hard to read at the bottom of the frame, but changing it to grey, while is easier to read, kinda looks off color wise


The black definitly has a much better contrast, leading to better legibility.

Probably using the New UI Gradient feature?:thinking:

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I am using it
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Hi. I personally like the second one because it is easier to read.

Probably when you finish the whole gui it will still look nice even if the text color doesn’t match the gui theme. For example, you could make blue tick boxes or blue-grey toggles for activated-deactivated options. I would unsaturate the text color slightly, but that’s just my opinion.

Also, you can make your own ui designs on another program and then upload them to Roblox. If you use them as ImageLabels (eg for the corners) you can adjust its color in the properties as long as the image is white.

Really good UI though, and yeah I think the second one is easier to read. But I think the “Enter code here” should put in another place, like some kind of tab i dunno.

It’s an interesting choice to begin with - having your main theme colors be a really light grey and a light blue, if you’re intending to apply it to text. I would say either change all text to a darker color (the black looks fine), or perhaps consider making the menu have a darker background. Even a darker blue would improve readability. The problem is the color contrast. Something needs to darken.

Slowly making progress. Decided to stick with the grey in the end, and use the accent color for stuff like buttons, etc.

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