Thoughts on UNFINISHED Modern Style Car Garage

Hello there.

I am building a modern style garage. This is a car garage for car maintenance / work and for storing cars.

This is unfinished, so give me Ideas for continuing

Thanks for reading


Hey there, Skewl.

I’m not sure what building style you’re shooting for. I’m guessing you want to keep it in between. Nevertheless the garage will most probably need some source of lighting. Some extra support structures for the roof/ceiling. I can imagine wires going well with this place and tubes as well. A collection of tires and wheels, perhaps. The list of details might go on, but I suggest looking at the actual car workshops and the equipment they typically use.

Here are some low poly reference images I found that I thought may help you out.

Good work so far! :ok_hand:

I would add tools and storage places, maybe a few empty boxes? since it looking a bit empty, lighting and a garage door.

It seems quite empty, I’d suggest adding things in that would normally be in a Garage, toolboxes, machines, boxes etc. I’d also suggest using textures instead of the Roblox presets, it will definitely enhance the whole build a bit more.

Looks like a good modern garage model but like many have said maybe add some storage boxes/tool boxes, tool shelves on the walls with hammers and such on them and this could be great!

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Looks really neat! Like the people above me, I’m going to suggest that you put more objects in there. Maybe a few boxes, car parts (like a door, engine hood, etc), and/or a toolbox. Otherwise, it is a great build! Great job! :slight_smile:

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