Thousands of Robux lost on sponsorships that didn't work. Really need help

Hey everyone, I’m a little bummed out with the recent failure of sponsorship that I and my friend had today with a game that I know has a huge community and a game that revives classic Roblox into modern-times. This is a stamper-tool game known as Build World.

We’ve lost over 25,000 Robux since August of 2019 and we recently lost most of it recently when our game was virtually bug-free. Take a look a the game for your self. I personally believe the game is beautifully composed, while it could use some work here and there I’m pretty disappointed that there are only 50 players on it concurrently while I’ve seen games garner over 5,000 concurrent players with less time. Our CTR isn’t even that high! I really need advice, I know this game has a community it’s just getting past the part where we need to be visible. I’ve taken all the advice this forum could offer “Don’t spend it all at once” “Spend in small clusters” “Go big or go home” Is there anything we could do about this? Thanks!


My advice would be to focus on the game. As sponsorships won’t guarantee that you get more players.

What you could do about it, is maybe do tactics like, if a player invites their friends they get so much in-game. Or try advertising, as you can represent your game better.

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I notice your tutorial could use some work. In its current state it does way too much hand holding, and I would bet that you are losing most of your new players because of this. Tutorials are best when they allow you to skip through it and cover just the basics, allowing the rest of the games features to be discovered as a player progresses through your game. In a lot of cases, the UI also covers a considerable amount of the usable screen space in your game.

I would suggest joining your game on a fresh account and playing through the eyes of somebody who has never played it before. Try to figure out what players enjoy the most in your game and focus purely on that (watch others play, set up analytics and track different metrics in your game, etc). Once you can keep players coming back, it would be a good idea to run more sponsors to reach a wider audience and expand.