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About Me

Hey there! I have been an animator for roughly 2 years and have great experience with Moon Animator.
I have animated for various different companies consisting off 100K-700K members.

Today I decided to re-open my commissions as I am in need of some ROBUX to invest into my own game.

Animation Examples:



Running Animation

Running with a gun

Another R15 Run

Hammer Swing Animation

Scythe Attack Animation

Dagger Animation 1

Dagger Animation 2

Creepy Zombie Twitch Animation

Ground Slam Animation

Cooking / Foraging Animation

Commissioned Attack 1

Commissioned Attack 2

Commissioned Attack 3

Commissioned Attack 4

Commissioned Attack 5

Approving Animation


R6 RUN (all linear)

Silly R6 Run (was made with Moon Animator)

Random AK-47 Loop

Random AK-47 Loop

A walk, idle and dash that I made


Due to the fact that I am currently running my own project, I am usually available to animate for around 5-6 hours every day all days of the week.
But please, do not spam my inbox or else I will have to block you!


Currently only accepting ROBUX / ROBUX GIFT CARDS.

Animations are long and tedious tasks, I do not expect to be lowballed. (2K R$+ Per Animation)

The price can differ depending on how many / how hard the task is!


You can contact me Via Discord @H.A#1110

If I do not accept your friend request, feel free to send me a message on Developer Forum or follow me on ROBLOX to send me a message @eelshopp


Thank you for reading my Developer Forum, please leave feedback if possible! :slight_smile:


hi @thrashchain! I tried putting in your discord and it doesn’t work. I

I sent a friend request so we can talk about it. TuneJam#9417

Hello! I sent you a friend request (noxyra#7706).

Hello! I’m interested in working with you, I sent you a friend request on discord.

Heya, Thrash. I would like to hire you for a project of mine. Add me on discord: Caliber#0603

Your tag doesn’t seem to be working but I would like to hire you for a small task. I only need one animation. Add me on disc, CheetahSpeed#6005