Thread Scroll Markers

I find it rather common that most forum users don’t read anything before posting their replies. I’d like to suggest adding markers to the thread scroll along where Roblox Staff have posted something.

It would look something like this:

That orange color would be a Roblox Staff member. The blue one could be any posts made by the original poster of the thread. There could be other colors for things like bookmarked messages, marking where the user has made their own replies, and showing popular replies. Clicking on a marker would also bring you directly to that reply, although the current functionality of the scroll might already be enough for that.

I think popular replies should also have their marker either become less transparent or scale a bit in size to become more notable. This would mainly be determined by likes, but the amount of replies would likely play a role as well. This also leads nicely into a summary system, that way users have an easier way to read through a larger thread.

But the main goal of this suggestion is to reduce the amount of users posting a reply before reading anything else.


Some kind of marker for posts by OP & staff would indeed be useful! Would strongly recommend to make a feature request for this at Discourse’s official forum:

The DevForum is generated by Discourse, so you may have more chance there


I think this would be really valuable here because of our issue with staff post visibility.