Threading Code article is worded misleadingly

The Threading Code tutorial is misleading.

  • Both spawn and wait do not allow code to run at the same time.
  • Calling this threading is not technically incorrect but has caused confusion.
  • It would be better to use the term routine or co-operative threading (not just threading), as this is harder to confuse with multi-threading or parallel computing.
  • Another option to create a “thread” is to use coroutine.create, although a more advanced topic, I feel it is worth mentioning for developers that want to go a step further.
  • In Threading Considerations, a recommendation is made to combine functions because they can be mixed. This is not a good programming practice (see Curly’s Law).

We’re aware of the issues in the article - we considered giving it an update when we were writing the Task Scheduler article, but had to prioritize other things at the time.

I’ll fix the inaccuracies when I can, I’m the future I would like to replace this article with a general “multiprocessing on roblox” article of sorts that covers all the available options (how to, pros, cons).


I’ve noticed some folks in the forums confused by this. I was unsure myself about what Roblox is doing because of the wording on this page and I’m fairly familiar with coroutines.