Three strike system for talking about non-development and creating topics for the sake of posting

This would be great if it happened. I would much rather have a forum where I cannot post but can read quality posts than have to deal with whatever state the forum is in right now. Before automatic approval, I spent a lot of time reading useful/interesting posts by top devs and now that’s either no longer possible or very difficult. At this point you have to sift through so much junk to find anything of quality that its not worth coming back here.

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I very much agree with this. Ive seen an increase in very suspicious activity from some users using DevForum for unprofessional or dumb topics/replies.

Not too sure about the locking #development-discussion to members. At least, bot until regular FINALLY is a thing. And once its all set, I can hope that it can at least fix some issues regarding rude behavior, poor professionalisms, and most of all, same similar copies of the same topic being asked over and over again. Personally, I look forward to reasonable topics, not ones that ask how I started development, etc that makes it sound like they just want it for some likes or something.

edit: was kinda in a rush at the time, grammar fixes :sunglasses:

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This might be a controversial idea, but why not tie in the punishments with the Roblox platform directly in extreme cases? If someone comes here just to troll or has malicious intent then suspend their account across all of Roblox’s services, not just the forums. The accounts are linked anyways, might as well use it for this.

This might be more effective since some users might have this kinda mindset; “I’ll mess around on the forums a bit, not like it’ll do much if they ban me.”


I fully agree. Something needs to be done. Off topic topics tend to be made by obviously underage users again and again in #development-discussion. I mentioned this in another topic but I might as well mention it again here.

A lot of users are trying to use this as the old Roblox Forum, using it only for posting in #development-discussion and trying to get regular just to post in #lounge.

Some people in the replies have been talking about a #development-discussion ban. A ban on the whole forum would be better than just a #development-discussion ban, I’ve already seen some people trashing up #forum-feedback.


I am glad that within only a few hours hundreds of hearts are being put on this post so it may get more attention.

That recent Among Us post? Literally a shitpost from a Discord general server to the forums! I believe @railworks2 is right that we cannot really turn around from where we are at. We have been going south for way too long and we are at the point we simply cannot make a return to a peaceful forum instead of an offtopic cesspool and warzone of trash threads. If some of you remember the threads again about some sort of Among Us roleplay (not about, but was a roleplay or something) or something about gaining attractions to each other during development, like who in their right minds think that is acceptable??!!!

I don’t even know where more and more of these silly users are coming from. Is false word going around about how the Devforum is what a new Roblox forum? Because obviously that’s what it seems like; so many uneducated or/and underage users are coming here to let out the stupidest of thoughts. Whatever punishments you guys come up with like a 1 year ban as @buildthomas suggested is ay-okay with me because I’m sick and tired of stupid posts clogging DD.

A quicker punishment to these off topic spammers would be very very very very very very very very very very very very very nice and DD would actually be useful to me, and really everyone responding to this thread and many others off it.


This really needs to be put into effect on the DevForum, I have seen countless topics today that went extremely off-topic and are turning the DevForum into a social media platform instead of a development resource.

“Lost some braincells, thanks for that!”, which was the lock message on the Among Us post perfectly describes the way professional developers feel when they see a topic that does not belong on the DevForum.

The best thing to do right now is to keep flagging until these people realize they can go to third party platforms like Discord to do their off-topic discussions.


Pretty sure there will be alot of people that will false flag others

Not exactly sure why’d someone would do that?

They’d be hurting themselves as malicious flagging grants you a suspension and a strike.

I mean they can make an alt any time

I personally haven’t seen posts being maliciously hidden, also there is no point in someone alting since they would have to read on the alt to the point of obtaining membership. Flag weights are also disabled on the devforum, and it absolutely takes more than 2 flags, one from two different TL1 users, to hide a post. This is a non-issue and is not relevant to the topic at hand.

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Not even professional devs, I’m nowhere near that level but I felt that too. I support completely; the devforum is too much of a hellhole to be used as anything but a time-waster.

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DET should force people to read the post and rules by adding a time lock so they can read it.

bam ez

Except for the fact that it’s not possible. Discourse doesn’t have a way to do it without locking the post globally.

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I’m talking about the Feedback DM from the mods.

That is still not possible and on top of that useless?



How so? Imagine if someone kept ignoring the DET feedback.
This update rolls out and they adapt to the change and start reading it.

That’s reality tho? There’s no way to block people from talking in one category without completely removing their access from the forum for a longer period of time.


Okay. Thanks for the information. :smile:

Or they just leave until the timer runs out. There’s no way to 100% stop people from not reading the feedback messages. And let’s say, for the sake of my argument, they did end up reading the messages. Do you really think that someone who couldn’t be bothered to take 30 seconds out of their day to read a message before would really take to heart what is being said? Probably not, and it’s better to just snuff out people who don’t care enough than to find ineffective ways (that aren’t possible) to try and force them to follow the rules


I completely agree with you. At the same time, Roblox’s regulations are not entirely apparent. When you initially join, you are not given a list of rules; instead, you are expected to discover the subject and read them for yourself. The problem is that most people don’t read the guidelines because they have auto scroll and will just afk while grinding posts. Another issue I haven’t seen you mention is new users bumping topics that haven’t been replied to in years. I believe the DET should close posts that have been inactive for eight months.