Three tiers of questions concerning the ability to make a pharmacy/drug store

So I know Roblox is pretty heavy on it’s restriction of the reference/usage of drugs or medicines, I was wanting to build a pharmacy, and I’ll go ahead and ask questions pertaining to three potential tiers of “riskiness” and if they would be allowed.

Tier 4. Right off the bat I’ll go ahead and mark off a 4th tier that would involve explicit reference of certain over-the-counter medications, that’s likely a clear rule violation and wouldn’t fit the game anyways.

Tier 3. A generic generally unmarked “medicine” item that would heal the player, the player wouldn’t be able purchase these, they would be looted, not explicitly a pill bottle but instead the boxes commonly used to hold said bottles. (No syringes of any kind)

Tier 2. Similar to tier 3 but the boxes would explicitly be empty and practically useless. I could see this raising concern about technically being a container for drugs, even if said drugs are not present.

Tier 1. Completely barren shelves, the location would still be very clearly a pharmacy, but it wouldn’t have anything explicitly drug-related stored within it. (Bandages could be there, but I want to make sure just the mere existence of a pharmacy isn’t enough to have Roblox staff personally come to my house and set me on fire)

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Obviously not

Depends on how you are making them, if they look realistic than no, if they don’t then yes

Thecnically you should be good with this, not sure tho

That should go but I think it’s a little too much, I think bandages may go there, not sure tho

Well, I’m not sure if they would set your house on fire but…

The poplar game Doors uses drug-like references from using a medication bottle. They named it to “vitamins”, a fairly good subsidiary name that is pretty safe to use.

As long as you’re not encouraging the use of drugs or graphically depicting a drug (such as naming the specific drug), it should be safe to use.


Like @TOP_Crundee123 said, calling it vitamins would probably be the best thing to do while keeping it TOS friendly.

Unsure if I’d do that, kinda clashes with the theming of the game (I’m not really trying to be hyperrealistic but having “vitamins” just seems a little too goofy)

i think u should contact the staff better safe than sorry