Throwing Simulator Game Feedback/Devlog

Hello Devforum! For the past 6 months I have been creating my first serious game, it has been tough, brutal, and tiring but I’m proud to present…

Now that it has reached a time where it has all core game play features functional(I think :smirk:) I have decided to let it be reviewed by the brutal devforum! All and any feedback is very helpful, even if it is just to leave good feedback(I need that sometimes :grin:)

Current Feedback/Known Bugs:

  • Jumps seem to disable after dying
  • Most options in menu UI don’t work yet
  • The game needs a tutorial
  • Better thumbnail
  • Get rid of/fix the disable UI option in settings

Planned Updates:

  • Throwing Mini games
  • Tutorial
  • Inventory Improvements

How to equip a rock:

  1. Purchase selected rock at the store
  2. Toggle open inventory UI
  3. Click the rock you want inside of the inventory, then click the equip button!

In case you don't have time to play it, here is some screenshots!

If you would like to support me you can purchase anything in the shop(To my knowledge, all game passes/dev products should work) or simply join my group! All :robux: will be going into ads or payment for other developers. If you have any tips on advertising or spreading the word of it then let me know about that too! With that I will let the replys come flowing in! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have added screenshots in hopes for more feedback!

I would recomend not using a free model GUI as it is a major part of the game.

I didn’t use a free model gui for any part of the game, could you specify what your talking about?

The whole gui is from a free model/youtube tutorial. So if you diddent know it is a free model.

I might be mistaken though but I swear ive seen a free model like that

I did not know this as I was trying to make a simple UI. Could you link the YT tutorial or model so I can change mine to look different as I don’t want any other people mistaking the UI for a model.

A lot of simulators use GUI’s like that. He probably based his off of them.
I’m pretty sure it’s not a free model because it fits the game perfectly, a free model wouldn’t fit in like that


I am confused just from a quick play through on phone. First off, I did not know what I was meant to do. I found the shop after a few minutes, bought the rock, equipped it, and expect a tool or something that I could use. Nothing happened though, I even double checked I had it equipped. I think a tutorial would be nice.

I see where your coming from, after playing it so much I practically forgot about how it would feel to new players. I’ll definitely start to make a tutorial to accompany the game play. The equip button is a bug that is actively being worked on, you have to equip the rock in your inventory UI. You can do this by toggling open the inventory, then click the rock you would like to equip, and then hit the equip button that pops up on the stat menu showing the rocks stats.

Edit: If your not sure what to look for take a look at the inventory screenshot!

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I tried looking in my inventory, and the rock was not there either. I’m gonna rejoin and see if it works this time.

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I think im thrown off by the color and icons

what do you suggest I change the color to? I went with traditional simulator blue, but if it makes people think this then what color would help it?I do believe I have some icons I could change these to already.

Hey there, I just played a little and I have a few questions. Number 1, how do I get to candy island? Number two, I completed all of Santa’s quests, and I went over to the Christmas shop. I only had 5.5k snowflakes, I did not have nearly enough to buy everything! Then, I hit the convert snowflakes to money button as I thought it would only convert 1 snowflake. It took all 5.5k of my snowflakes, and now I have none! There should be a way to earn snowflakes other then the quests, and even if there isn’t then you should at least be able to earn the 8k required to buy everything in the shop. I mean, I can’t even max out the event! Other then that, good game!

Edit: when you rejoin your jumps do not save also, it’s the same glitch you get when you die.

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Candy Island is currently being developed and the teleporter is displayed for hype. while typing this I again realize this is a mistake as it’s very misleading… :grimacing:

I’m not trying to blame anyone else but I entirely expected my testers to alert me of this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though! I must have made a typo or simply was sleepy. I work at night sometimes and make stupid mistakes… Sadly though the event will be ending in 4 days so it will have to remain this way.

Jumps are currently being removed from the game. Due to the massive amount of bugs with them, this just adds on to the list.

Thanks for taking the time to review my game!! I’m glad to have someone giving great feedback out here!

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Cool! Honestly the game so far is cool, I like it much more then other simulators because it does not take years to play through. Instead of taking a 2 week afk session to get the apple, I was able to get it in around 20 minutes. I’m not sure if this is intended, but personally I find the faster play through 100% more enjoyable than the commonly used “grind until you give up and afk” style. I am gonna play more when candy island comes out, currently my best item is the Santa one that gives 45k coins per hit! I think with a bit of polishing and a better thumbnail (no offense, but the current one is NOT something I would click on if I saw it randomly. One of my friends who is big into simulators saw it in his “friends played” category or whatever it’s called and chose not to play it BECAUSE of the thumbnail.) the game could really do well!

Bug: when I open santas quest ui, and then turn settings for the ui on and off the santa ui appears and it hides things like “buy” button in shop.

Thank you @me7474 for saying this! It really motivates me when people say stuff like this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pleased to hear this! I can guarantee you that in the future there will be much better stuff, though the Santa will still be quite rare.

While writing this reply, I have posted a job on the talent hub, hopefully someone applies!

you don’t know how happy it makes me for you to say this.

Thanks for reporting this @MRG_GROUPHOLDER , we realize now that the hide UI button should be completely removed unless you find it helpful, do you find it helpful or do you think it would be good to get rid of?

Hey @me7474, @RuleDefy, @Spa_rkk, @MRG_GROUPHOLDER what do you guys think about creating a throwing themed minigame area? It would be in another place inside the experience with games like “throwing contest” to bring in another type of audience to the game. Is this a terrible idea or do you think it would work?

Here are pictures if you don't know what I'm talking about :)

The targets are bunched up for testing purposes, and the UI will be fixed to say throwing contest before it releases.

I think this would work, if anything I think they should work like the “fights” some other sims have. What if every 5-10 minutes a pop up appears, it will say something like “battle royal starting soon!” Or “Throwing context starting soon!” You then can optionally join it, if you do the mini game starts and whoever wins gets coins or something. This is good because 1, when a mini game starts there is a higher chance more people are in it. If you can go do a mini game any time and it is not every 5-10 minutes, the odds of EVERYONE in the server being in it at once are low. But if it’s a rare popup, I for one would play it more. Two, whorls everyone get the same weapon in the game, or would some guy with a 20k damage weapon be going against someone with a 40 damage weapon?

You’ve got a really good point there for it happening every couple minutes, though this would be cool for lag purposes I don’t think it would work. I will have multiple game modes similar to the classic simulator fights while also having some special modes like the throwing contest and infection mode.

I was thinking of using a wins stat to determine what rock you have. They would obviously be way weaker then the average rock so they don’t instant kill you! Instead of 20,000 damage to 40 damage it would most likely be from 20 damage to 50 damage. Though these are just estimates of the range. If anything sounds wrong here feel free to share your opinions!