Thumbnail Artist for YouTube channel [Freelance/Paid]

Hello devs and artists of the dev forums!

I’m looking for someone with decent art skills who is looking for a great side job opportunity.
you will work on video thumbnails for ROBLOX videos on a well-known YouTube channel.

The channel uploads 4 to 5 ROBLOX-related videos every week besides a wide selection
of other games. As the ROBLOX section of the channel is expanding rapidly the current thumbnail artist will focus on other series while a new artist, which could be you, will produce attractive and inviting thumbnails for the ROBLOX videos.

We are looking for someone who is capable of producing thumbnails at a continuous rate (4-5 videos a week, ~3 days of time to produce a thumbnail before the video is uploaded) and knows how to create a visually appealing image incorporating ROBLOX characters and objects.

You will be paid as a freelancer at a per-thumbnail rate ($). We’ll be happy to chat/call to see what works and what you are happy with. We do expect you to have a stable rate of (free) time besides your daily occupations to ensure all videos are uploaded with a high quality thumbnail. We’re humans too and will obviously take care of finding someone else throughout your holiday/weekends/leisure periods.

Interested? Awesome! Send me a private message via the developer forum and we’ll talk about the details. Make sure to include some of your previous work :slight_smile: Any questions can be asked through this topic or in private.

(If you would like to suggest someone not in the developer forums, make sure to send me a message through the forums as well!

raises hand

EDIT: I have no idea how to PM someone here. I’m off to a great start!
EDIT2: Thanks Algy! You’re the real MVP!


Click their icon/name and click message:


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