Thumbnail for horror game

So I made a thumbnail for the horror game I’m working on, and was wondering what you guys thought of it. Please be honest.
The shadow of evil thumbnail


Looks good, but I think this needs a bit more… spooky vibes lol
Maybe a background of a room will help, a lot

And I think this is supposed to be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, I’m not very sure though

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It looks great. But it feels empty, add some stuff and give them some detail.

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Maybe make the background a gradient, so it isn’t as plain.

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Looks pretty bland. Try adding a bit more detail. Right now, it just feels a little empty and not scary at all for an horror game.

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I have a bit of feedback for you and your GFX.

  • I would personally change the text.

  • The thumbnails looks as if you pasted two white circles on a black screen and added a glow effect. There should be a body or even a head outline in the GFX, even if barely visible.

  • If you plan on using that for the icon, it is not at all the right size. When making icons, the size should be 400x400, 500x500 or even 600x600. Long story short, a three digit number with zeroes by that same number. No need to redo it if being used for an icon, as you can simply fix that error in your editing app.

  • If you plan on using it for a thumbnail, however, you’ll have to redo the entire thing. The size should be 1920x1800 or something like that.

Please do not take offense, as I am only constructively criticizing.

I hope you do great with your career!

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It looks like just 2 dots in the square and the text over it . Try making some more details / lighting FX it will probably help you !

well you arent wrong! it literally is 2 dots and a square

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The font doesn’t go with the eyes, you should change it. You should also add a backround. You don’t have to add houses and stuff, just maybe some shadows.

DON’T CHANGE IT. Or at least, don’t increase its complexity by much. Every other games thumbnail is a huge amount of GFX, artwork and complexity shoved into a inch wide square. The sheer simplicity of yours will make it stand out against the hordes of the other games.

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This review may seem rude but please take this information to help you get better.

The background is empty and the color scheme is bland. The font isn’t very spooky and it appears that there are capitalization errors in the title.

Try adding a background, more colors, and try adding a new font that gives you and spooky feel.

I like how you have the glowing eyes. Maybe they would look scarier if they were red?

A glowing effect over the eyes would look neat, possibly a more gothic font as well.

It’s very plain, it could be replicated in 2 minutes. Put the eyes in a dark room, that will give it a more spooky feel. Also, change the font to something like Creepster or Nosifer.

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Hi there! I believe the idea behind your icon has a lot of protentional although here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your icon is of the wrong dimensions; it should be a minimum of 512x512 square image. You can always create a larger icon such as 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 as well and it will automatically be scaled down once uploaded to Roblox.

  • The text along with the eyes along with the glow are not symmetrical. For an icon such as yours, symmetry plays an important role in it.

  • The choice of font plays a big role in all fields of graphic design, not only game icons. Believe it or not, there is a psychology behind typefaces.

    Since game icons on Roblox need to grab the attention of the younger audiences, you may want to look for a typeface such as that. Perhaps something more bold while keeping the horror feel to it. Here is a rather good blog post written by Jamahl Johnson on typography used in the horror genre. You can also take a look at what has to offer for fonts of the horror genre as well.

Hope this helps and good luck on your game!


About the dimensions, I know, this was just a concept not the final design. Thanks for the tips

I love your game Zombie Rush btw

I know many people have already talked to you about this in this thread, but there’s something I believe you should think about. the thumbnail does not bring any information to what the game is about. What does “The Shadow of Evil” mean? is this supposed to be a horror game? Are those eyes or are they something else?

One tip i’d give is relating more information to the player. Here’s an example.

As you can see the thumbnail is cohesive and clear. I see tanks, So i can make the assumption that is a war/fighting game. You could possible Show More In your thumbnail. You have a lot of space to work with! Best of luck to you!

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add a slight red vignette to it and get a more spookier font.

I think it looks fine in my honest opinion, there’s still room for improvement. You could do these things:

  • Make the background dark grey and some black vignette
  • Improve the eyes, like adding some blur to them.
  • Maybe add some kind of outline to the text.

Anyways that’s all I have to say.

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