Thumbnail For Tower Of Hell

Hi everyone! I have just finished making a GFX for tower of hell & give me some feedback on how it is

Featuring @guywithapoo @Rdite @thunder1222 :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading!


Looks great! All I can think of changing, is maybe the colours of the parkour bits (So they stand out) And adding some more parkour pieces to the background.


Ok so first off, it is really clean. But here are some things that could improve it. So you want a better camera angle, and try to keep the limbs close to the body because it they are super spread out it makes the look a bit weird however it is fine in the one you made. I also suggest a different camera angle, maybe from the side a bit more and with a bit of a tilt. Lastly it appears somewhat plain. There is little color variation. But it honestly looks awesome! Keep it up.


Lol broo that’s so dope. Tower of Hell is such a troll game but I love the grind


Thanks dude! I appreciate it (30 chars…)

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It’s nice, i recommend you to make the light brighter, and add a small “blur” effect to thunder1222, something like this:
Overall, everything looks good, keep the good work.

Its good, but the lighting could be a bit better, looks too dark.