Thumbnail For Weight Lifting Simulator

Hi everyone! I have just finished my thumbnail for weight lifting simulator & give me some feedback on how it is

Featuring @Dronetto & @ArsaMate

Thank you for reading! Have a great day! :smiley:


It looks decent but I would make the sky have some more blue
also the poses for the characters in the background seem odd.
it appears that the guy lifting the weights arms are going through the weight bench
if they aren’t, they mush be disconnected from the joints.


When i posed it the first way teh guys arms where in teh bars, so I had to change it.

I like it! As Mature said a minute or two ago, the sky does look kind of grey, which also links in with the fact the shadows look slightly off, some are very dark and some are non-existent entirely. 7/10 from me!

However, please, please, please add a watermark, I would hate for something this good to be stolen by someone.

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Ok I will keep that in mind next time, thank you!

Maybe add some text on one of the corners?
The rendering is pretty good.

Well i don’t know on how to 2d/3d text but i was trying to find there game logo on giigle but I didn’t find anything

The rendering is good but you should really add a watermark cause it’s bound to be stolen

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Late reply, but I would suggest making it brighter. Make it look sunny, goodluck.

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I would make the sky brighter but from that its pretty good

It looks really depressing. I am literally reflecting on my life rn.

All jokes beside, the sky looks really grey. Try adding sun rays, and make the lighting more orange/bright. Additionally, the characters don’t fit in the scene. They all have different body types, and don’t look like they’re ready to get fit. Maybe try changing their bodies to look more muscular and shinier.

The actual scene also look really odd. There’s only 2 weights in such a wide area.

If i were to see this as a thumbnail of a wls game, i wouldn’t play.

I hope you take this criticism well, and improve from it.

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