Thumbnail has a white line on the bottom?

For some reason, when I uploaded the image this white line below appeared. It never has happened to me before. I doubled checked that the size was correct, which it is. Then I checked if I left any empty room in the image itself, from what I saw there was no empty space. So not sure if this is on roblox’s side or not…


Same thing happened to me awhile ago. I am pretty sure I did measure the correct dimensions although there is no other logical way for this to happen unless you forgot to stretch the image completely.

Try to bring up the image in your folder and hover upon it with your cursor.
If the dimensions still don’t match, I have no clue to what could have caused the white borders.

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Hello :wave:
That’s kinda weird since I got the same issue on a game where the left and right corners had a white line but it was way thicker than yours. I don’t know if it comes from ROBLOX or something else but I checked the resolution of my image, it was 1920x1080 which is the size recomended. Try another resolution that is 16:9 in format, it may work for you.
Have a good day! :hugs:

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This thumbnail measures 1673 x 941, try resize yours to that aswell, if possible.
If that doesen’t remove the white borders, then I can’t resolve the problem.

Good luck with it!