Thumbnails are failing to load site-wide

After a recent update to the 2dThumbnailController module on the Roblox website, the functionality that allows preloaded images to be displayed on the site has been broken. This means once images are loaded once, they will fail to load in any subsequent requests. This affects thumbnails across the entire site, including but not limited to the catalog marketplace and the group sales tab. The root issue seems to stem from a recent code change/update in the 2dThumbnailController module.

The script is registering the following error in my browser console:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toString')
    at a.updateImageLoadMetrics (2dThumbnailController.js:58:32)
    at imageLoadDirective.js:11:31
    at m.$digest (ae3d621886e736e52c97008e085fa286.js:150:238)
    at ae3d621886e736e52c97008e085fa286.js:153:267
    at e (ae3d621886e736e52c97008e085fa286.js:52:148)
    at ae3d621886e736e52c97008e085fa286.js:55:68
    at t (edc66704bd1974195d8c60f4a163441bec82f1bcb11c492e7df07c43f45a4d49.js:16:51257)
(anonymous) @ edc66704bd1974195d8c60f4a163441bec82f1bcb11c492e7df07c43f45a4d49.js:16

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Roblox website.
  2. Click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab.
  3. In the search bar, type the name of one of the top items displayed on the page and press enter.
  4. Notice that the image thumbnail for the same item now fails to load.

A repro video showcasing the issue has been attached. Because images fail to load after being loaded once, the problem progressively worsens as you browse through pages that sometimes need to display the same thumbnail more than once, like the marketplace.

Expected Behavior:

Images that have already been loaded once should be displayed correctly every subsequent time they are called up, regardless of where they appear on the site.

Actual Behavior:

Previously loaded images are failing to load on subsequent requests, leading to broken image displays across the website.


Can reproduce. Thankfully, refreshing the page seems to fix it.

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I have seen the same issue with the Discover page, and continues after refreshing the page (with different game icons)


this issue is the worst with the discover page. hopefully roblox can fix this soon.


Just found out you have to right click on the image that is broken, inspect, go to the styles, and turn .thumbnail-2d-container .img.loading’s opacity to 1 and it should load (or you can disable it all together)


Checking back in here; this issue has now been resolved!

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