Thumbnails being stolen

Hello, I’ve noticed recently that my thumbnails are beginning to get stolen, and the watermark has also been removed (you can tell there was a watermark). In the description of both the game and group, I have stated “All Rights Reserved.” this thumbnail wasn’t cheap

I was wondering what I can do, and if I can do something, how do I do it?

Thank you!


DMCA is the most common option, do you happen to know the person who stole it?


I do.
I’m afraid that if they do a counterclaim, they will get my information (not fond of that).

Like half of ALL my thumbnails got stolen and reused over 100 times. It’s best to add either a watermark or something representing your game on it, like a location in your game that no one is able to recreate for the purpose of stealing your thumbnail.


A watermark was added

To: @TotallyArea
Why do you think people would reuse your thumbnails?

It’s high quality, fits the theme of their game (they don’t even use the same assets), and just lazy.

Report it to Roblox, and use DMCA.

Also, bring some attention to this matter, get some people to find out about this, and get the situation known to more people.


I asked the person to take it down and they did, however if anyone does refuse I think I may have to go through with a DMCA. Thank you to everyone who responded!

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