Thumbnails for little decals not displaying properly

Hi. I have noticed a small issue with images / decals.
I mistook it for a GUI issue, but I realised it’s not one.

As you can see, thumbnail is deformed. You can see the original image later.

Image appears properly when you check it in the toolbox, but that’s most likely because it loads the asset.

The bug happens to little images on normal site, just like one I have uploaded. It’s original size is 5x5.

I noticed the bug just today, so I can’t say if it was there for a long time.
If I were a staff member, I’d compare texture thumbnails with decal / image thumbnails. There must be something off.

Should this be in Web Bugs? It’s in Web Features right now.


My bad. I originally posted it in Client Bugs - until realising it was site-related.

I have to double check next time.