Thumbnails for model/place files

On Windows 7 (and I assume later versions of Windows), image files including .pdn, .png, and .ico show you a preview of the image on certain explorer view modes:

Frequently I’ll run across a place/model and although I thought I named the file properly at the time I don’t know what the file is in the present without opening it. It would be really handy for place/model files to use their ThumbnailCamera (if they have one) or CurrentCamera to generate a thumbnail of the file which can be displayed in the explorer without having to open the file. I doubt this is something hard-coded into the OS that only works with png/ico/etc files because images have previews too, which isn’t a program that was shipped with Windows 7 / endorsed by Microsoft, so it should be possible to implement for any type of file.

That would be pretty cool.

Although that isn’t my most important request at this moment, it would still be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: seems to have something.

Not sure how usable it will be though. Googling for this sort of stuff brings up a lot of junk responses. (I searched for ‘c# generate file thumbnails for explorer windows 7’ without quotes)

What theme are you using?

I’m using just the icons from HUD Evolution. The theme itself is a dark theme, which I wasn’t a fan of.