Thumbnails for Particle Effects

How do you create thumbnails for particle effects? They don’t render inside ViewportFrames and I tried doing a “green screen” and editing away at it but because particles are transparent it never removed the green behind the particles… Any help?


My Solution:

I don’t think there is an easy way of doing this through ROBLOX studio. I’d recommend instead taking the particle image your emitter is using, import it into your photo editing program and arrange just as it would look in the game. After, add a nice background and you should be good.

For Example:
If you have a fire trail effect follow these steps:

  1. Capture an image of your character (or render it out for better results in a 3D program) using the fire particles.
  2. Import this image into your photo editor along with the fire particle image and copy and paste it several times, arranging it how it would look in-game.
  3. Add final touches, effects glow, shadows, whatever you need.

Not only does this give you a better result then just a screenshot, but it solves your issue.


I was hoping there is an easier solution than this; but if this what works I may have to go with it.

I saw exampled of the Trail UI in Deathrun2 and was curious how they did it. I wonder if they use the method you describe.

I’d guess most people would do something like this. Even if there was a way to do it in game, I doubt any big game looking for high quality results would do that. They’d honestly probably do something like a full scene render with particles right in the 3D system or something so they get the perfect result.

If you mean change the texture of the particles, this is very simple, if you don’t then I can’t help.
If you need a transparent background, don’t use a green screen, that doesn’t work. If you are using one of your own files, use one with a transparent background, if possible.
This is the only solution I could think of, hope I could help you.