Thumbnails not working as it should. [SOLVED Dissable pastebin plugin]

Found the problem, it was the Pastebin Plugin!

[strike]I just updated my place, and the thumbnail is 100% wrong and i can’t delete the camera to fix the camera angle.
CTRL + F broke in studio.

I updated the game on this place

]It shows random sky?

Workspace get’s 2 camera’s i can delete both, but one stays, and it does not reset my camera
Edit* Now it makes new cameras every time i open any places in studio.

And this is how it was suppose to be, when i updated.

I get normal thumbnail now, but i am not allowed to delete my camera to fix it.[/strike]

[size=2]I’m sorry; I’m done[/size]

[size=1][size=1][size=1]and yes I totally did just google image “camera angel” and post the first result
give me thank-yous dangit[/size][/size][/size]